Home Wardrobe Edit

“Your wardrobe should be full of all the things you love!”

Shop and Detox your Wardrobe – £120 (3 Hours) 

When you look in your wardrobe, can you honestly say you wear 70% of your wardrobe? For many of the ladies I meet they wear the same items on rotation because its comfortable and it’s safe, so they leave the majority of their clothes unworn, untouched and unloved. 
My Home Wardrobe Edit session is all about learning how to de-clutter your wardrobe the right way to get the right results. We will also identify what pieces already suit your body shape and what pieces help us create the new you! Together we will understand why you don’t wear certain items so we can remove them from your closet, If an item has not been worn for more than 6 months then it should be removed from your closet, but if the item  fits you perfectly and  we can style it with most of the pieces in your closet then it is a keeper! I will then prioritize the remaining pieces and start to build your capsule wardrobe, creating brand new stylish outfits maximizing your wardrobe to suit your lifestyle.
Once we have completed your outfits I will then reorganize and colour coordinate your wardrobe so it’s much easier to style your looks. During our session I will also take photos of your new outfits for your future reference. Finally, we will discover the gaps in your wardrobe and I will create a shopping list of what you need to be purchase to complete your looks.
If our time is extended depending on the size of your wardrobe there will be an additional charge of £40 per hour
To book your appointment please contact me on +44 (0) 75 7044 5088 or feel free to enquire about my services on my contact page
“The thing I loved the most was the time and attention Zodie took to really understand what look I wanted to achieve and to talk me through everything.”
Paarul. London