Personal Shopping

“Fashion is what you buy. Style is what you do with it.”

A lot of my clients come to me because they don’t know what to pick when it comes to choosing the perfect outfit for their chosen occasion, they always find that they end up buying clothes they won’t wear, along with spending too much money on clothes so they end up always returning items, they hate the site of shopping, or they just have busy lifestyles to not even fit shopping in their schedules, they always get frustrated because nothing fits and can never find anything that flatters their body shape. This is where I come in!! Fall in love with shopping all over again!
 With my Personal Shopping session we will be experimenting with colours that suit your skin tone, we will discover new outfit ideas that will transform your look, I will communicate the brands that work for you and your budget! It’s all about teaching you… with no intention of buying anything and trying pieces that you may not have tried before, It’s all a fun experience being shopped for and stepping outside your comfort zone!

Just Few pieces – £160 (2 hours)

After de-cluttering your wardrobe their will be pieces that are be missing from your closet, so our next session will be going shopping to pick up the pieces that complete your wardrobe to make interchangeable outfits. Do you need to add just a few pieces to your existing wardrobe, so your ready for the season ahead or maybe you need an outfit for a special occasion? This 2 hour session is perfect for you!
I will pre shop before we meet making sure that our time together is spent effectively to allow me to tailor out time to ensure you get exactly what you need. I will select the pieces that works best for your body shape, desires and lifestyle. During our session I will style you in different looks and advice why each item has been chosen, I will also take photos of you in your outfits for you to keep as inspiration.
If our time is extended there will be an additional charge of £40 per hour.
Shop till you drop – £260 (4 hours)
Want to give yourself a whole new makeover and give your wardrobe a revamp?
So we have just been through your wardrobe and we have discovered that nearly everything has to go because nothing fits your body shape and most of the items does not suit your new style.
This package includes everything mentioned above.
If our time is extended there will be an additional charge of £40 per hour.
To book your appointment please contact me on +44 (0) 75 7044 5088 or feel free to enquire about my services on my contact page
“Had an amazing experience, it was like shopping online but with the privilege of trying it on, no hassle!”
Eunice. London