About Me


Growing up and standing at 6ft tall, I have not always been confident with my height because I was taller than everyone else, everything I tried on came up too short and I felt their is no clothes out there for tall girls like me, but I have always had a passion for fashion. My personal style has had many ups and downs. I have always loved experimenting with my clothes, at 14 I was dressing way older than my age very Sophisticated like (I was ready for an office job), then I went really old school Vintage and now I feel that my style is exactly where I want it to be Minimalist chic! I always knew that I wanted to work in fashion, If I did but an item I would always think “How many ways can I wear this?”… My styling career journey started when I was 16 and now I’m 27. Long time right… I worked at 6 different stores as a sales assistant, during this time I worked alongside the Visual Merchandiser teams where I was able to get creative and show styling skills, I absolutely loved it! it was a great chance for the customers to see what I can do!
Where it all changed for me was when I was working in Urban Outfitters from 2011 till 2014, being a part of such a fashion forward company and a busy store I got to make the most out of my time. My favourite thing was working 1-on-1 with customers helping them to pick outfits for their chosen occasion and I loved how it made them feel in the outfits I put together. I had heard about Personal Stylists before and I loved how each time I styled them made them feel, I wanted to learn more about how to become a Personal Stylist, styling women and different body shapes the right way to get the best results.
During my time at Urban Outfitters, I enrolled myself on short course in March 2012 where I studied the Principles of Personal Styling at London College of Fashion, which helped me understand what it takes to become a Personal Stylist. I learnt about working with combining and picking the right colours for my client, managing clients budgets, styling different Body shapes, photo shoot styling, organizing a personal shopping session, using different fabrics, Styling tricks, and Wardrobe Edits.
“I knew this is the career I wanted! I wasn’t looking forward to go back to my retail job”
After the course had finished I thought great now my career has started… but that wasn’t the case. I was still working in retail for the next 5 years, juggling my paid job and passion. After working 9 years for someone else and making their dreams come true, just didn’t appeal to me anyone. After being turned down from many different jobs to become a Personal Stylist in their stores, I thought “Zodie, you can do this by yourself”. I knew that I needed to think about my dreams, what I want to achieve and where I see myself in life. So I took charge of my life, decided to go part time and launch Zodie Styles.  It hasn’t been easy I can tell you that, I’ve made some mistakes and learnt alot along the way. But it has been the best thing I ever did. I taught myself and learnt everything I needed to know about how to start a business from scratch and ways to improve within my skills.
It has been a very long journey to get to where I am today but I knew this was my passion and I wasn’t about to give up. I wanted to have a career where I loved what I did everyday and I was making women feel confident and happy in everything that they wear! As an affordable high-street shopper myself, who loves finding bargains and saving money, my inspiration behind setting up Zodie Styles was that I wanted to EDUCATE, INSPIRE and CHANGE the live’s of women showing them how to save money, find pieces that LOOK expensive but at an affordable price, style themselves confidently and learn how to master the art of shopping for themselves. 
I have been a Personal Stylist for 6 years and have worked with some amazing photographers on photo-shoots, but during this time I was working full time so it didn’t give me much chance of spending time on my business and passion. In March 2017 I officially launched my website and moved to part time work to focus on my business and my clients. Now I get the opportunity to work with my clients, I’m very passionate about helping women whether they are curvy, slim, tall, short or athletic, we are all BEAUTIFUL! I will help you identify what body shape you are, how to dress your body the right way and to love and style the body you have. We all have the same goal… to look stylish, be comfortable and feel confident from the inside and out. Whatever the occasion whether its for business, everyday looks, soon to be mum’s and for special occasions, I will show you how to dress with creativity which shows your personality…and to not be afraid of mixing and matching colours, whether that’s using your own clothes or putting together a whole new wardrobe.
Do you want to LOOK and FEEL CONFIDENT in everything you wear?
Contact me: +44(0) 75 7044 5088 for your free 15 min Consultation or send me an email: zodiestylesstylist@gmail.com